Are you a Berserker?

Historically, berserkers were fearsome warriors who rushed into battle focused on taking out anything in their path while armed with little more than a weapon. Witnesses claimed that they had super-human strength, invincibility, and couldn’t feel pain.

Berserker Traits: action-oriented, determined, focused, benefits from guidance, and valiant.

Allow me to provide you with the weapons you need to conquer on the financial battlefield. Are you ready for this.

Cash Flow Forecasting Spreadsheet

You want to make sure that the decisions you are making are the best for you, your loved ones, and your business. These are the exact spreadsheets that I use in my business.

Have the data at your fingertips to scale and grow with the cash forecasting spreadsheet.

● Instructional videos on how to use the spreadsheets
● Spreadsheets to review your business AND personal activity
● Lifetime access 


Conquer Quarterly Taxes

The course for US-based business owners who want to understand quarterly taxes without stress and fear.

After Conquer Quarterly Taxes, you will…
✔️ Determine whether you need to pay quarterly
✔️ Calculate the amount to pay in
✔️ Reduce the likelihood you’ll pay penalties


Quarterly Tax Calculation Spreadsheets

Obtain spreadsheets to help you calculate your quarterly taxes. They are designed for those who feel confident in handling their quarterly taxes, just need some help with the calculations.

● Introduction video on the different calculation options
● Two calculation spreadsheets with walk-through videos.
● Lifetime access with annually updated numbers


This is included in the Conquer Quarterly Taxes course.