Are you a Dróttning?

Dróttning roughly translates to ruler, leader, or queen. In the Norse culture, warriors in a region would pledge loyalty to their leader in exchange for leadership, protection, and wealth. As a Dróttning, you are responsible for not only leading your warriors into battle, but also making life-altering decisions to ensure your followers, land, and home thrive.

Dróttning Traits: strategic leader, goal-oriented, welcomes + leverages trusted advisers, generous, and committed.

Allow me to provide you with the assistance you need to remove some layers of armor so you can take your rightful place as the leader of your business. I’ll conquer your financial battlefield so you can focus on what your business needs “as long as the sun shines and the world endures henceforth and forevermore”¹.

Diagnostic Analysis

Have you been handling your own bookkeeping in Quickbooks Online or Xero and you aren’t 100% sure that it is correct? You feel like nothing is tying properly and it’s complete madness?

This diagnostic review will give you the answers you need to know in order to determine the best course of action for your books.

*This service is required prior to other services (except tax preparation) if you currently use bookkeeping software.


  • Software analysis to assess health of data, diagnose problems, and assess level of cleanup needed.
  • Report of findings and recommendations.
  • Meeting to discuss findings and recommendations.
  • A recommendation for accounting services moving forward.

Services are currently being revamped