Financial Tracking

When obtaining monthly financial tracking services, you will receive the following:

Δ Recording of transactions monthly from connected accounts utilizing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles as the basis accounting principle for proper recording to track the movement of your money.

Δ Reconciliation of accounts to detect and prevent excess, missing, or unjustified bank or credit card transactions.

Δ Provide basic journal entries to ensure information is reported properly to tie to outside source documentation or to your preferences. EX: dividing up sales between sales, tips, and taxes.

Δ Posting cash transactions as the software can only pull from accounts and ATM withdraw does not provide enough information to report properly.

Δ Monthly Financial Statements are required for a business owner to make the best CEO-level decisions they can for their business.

Income Statement (aka: Profit & Loss) tracks revenue and expenses for a specific period of time which allows you to identify trends, identify areas that are unexpected or unusual, and helps determine tax liability.

→ Balance Sheet shows the financial strength and capabilities of the business. It helps determine metrics and other reports used in analyzing the performance of a business.

Cash Flow Statement breaks down your cash inflow and outlow to help you analyze what is funding your business (loans, sales, capital) and what expenditures you’re making. This statement is often overlooked, but it provides information not found in other reports so you know where your money went and came from.

Statement of Owner’s Equity brings the focus to the capital side of your business. How much money is each owner contributions or removing from the business as well as the accumulative earnings the business has had to date. Many entity types are required by the IRS to track each member’s equity in a business. this statement helps with this.

General Ledger, upon request, provides a breakdown of each transaction within profit & loss or balance sheet accounts to ensure transactions are reported properly and what transactions make up each account.

Δ Year-end close to make sure all accounts are cleared for the year to start off fresh. Any adjustments that need to be made; such as depreciation, are made from the tax return.

Tax Preparation

When obtaining tax preparation services, you will receive the following:

Δ The preparation of one individual tax return; filing single, married joint, married separate, or head of household.

Δ Business filing for individuals with a business – from sole proprietor ship to C Corporation.

Analysis of income and expenses to ensure all dedictions that can be claimed are claimed as well as providing basic due diligence in ensuring all income is reported to prevent issues with the IRS.

→ Compliance with formation documents created to reduce chances of elections or statuses to be removed. This is required.

The following are available and applicable for multiple owner LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations.

Creation of K-1s for each partner/member to provide them with the information they need to report on their individual return as required by law.

Input of K-1 into individual return included in this tax return to include your portion of the business’s activity on your tax return.

Basis calculation for each partner to track the equity interest they have in the business to verify tax-free distributions, claimable losses, and more. This is required by the IRS who have recently been cracking down on this.

Δ Extension filing, if more time is needed for you to gather your documents or to ensure we file a complete and accurate return. This provides an additional six-months of time to FILE your return, not pay your taxes! Taxes are still due on the original due date!

Δ Audit friendly documentation allows for a low-stress and low-hassle audit with the IRS so they get out of your hair quicker and as painless as possible.

Δ Custom quarterly tax calculations based on your up-to-date financials that I’ve put together to create a more accurate payment. Safe-harbor quarterly tax calculations will also be included which uses the IRS’s minimum required payment guideline for those who need to pay quarterly. You may decide which amount you’d like to pay in.

Δ Optional review of the tax return via Zoom to answer any questions you  may have and to ensure you understand what is going on with your tax return. You are ultimately responsible for what your tax return says, so lets make sure you understand what you’re signing!


When obtaining budgeting services, you will receive the following:

Δ Initial review of current finances based on past three (3) months worth of activity so we can see what you have going on and identify areas you hope to change as well as your business focus for the current year.

Δ We’d work together to determine the best areas to adjust and what the main expense categories to track would be for you to meet your goals.

Δ Input of budget in a spreadsheet for you to review as needed which will be updated each month to account for the current allocation.

Δ Bookkeeping services would be done weekly so that the spreadsheet can be updated weekly to allow you to have a document to refer to for current spending without trying to have to remember everything.

Δ Two times a year, I’d create a flux analysis that compares budgeted amounts to actual and provide a short explanation as to why they are different.

Δ After analyzing the flux analysis, we may decide that adjusting the budget would be beneficial to accommodate any changes from when the first budget was set up.

Optional Add-Ons:

IRS/State Correspondence

Additional Consultations

Account Receivable/Payable


ROI Analysis

Expedited Service

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Most expenses are tax deductible in the year they are paid.

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