My Personal Mission: To empower change in the atmosphere of acceptance so that others feel safe and secure to be who they truly are.

Business Mission Coming Soon



Harley Raptor, PLLC

After fighting for a domineering accounting legion for over three years, I started to feel unfulfilled in our battles and disillusioned with our work. As much as I loved accounting and tax law, I wanted to fight for the common people–individuals and business owners like you–instead of the big corporations that control our world. I wanted to create my own accounting war-band, that would make a massive difference in business finance, yet be available to the masses. I wanted to craft a company culture that reflected my values, and truly cared about its clients.

Today, my mission is to provide expert knowledge and excellent service in accounting, analysis, and tax to everyday business owners and entrepreneurs, but in an accessible and approachable way. My business is built on integrity, authenticity, competence, education, and growth, and all that I do is guided by these core values. I pledge to always keep your best business interests at the center of my quest, and to do everything in my power to help you conquer your financial goals.


Mottoes to work by

  • Everything is hard until it is easy
  • Feel the fear, and do it anyway
  • Have courage, and be kind
  • You can do anything, but not everything
  • Confidence comes from confidence
Harley Raptor

Harley Raptor

CPA, Warrior, Owner

My Personality

Joining the ranks of one of the largest accounting legions in America, I set out on a quest to bring hope, knowledge, and financial reckoning to those in need. I entered battle armed with a Master’s in Accountancy, CPA license, and the determination to demystify the regulations. However, I soon realized that we were not fighting on the side of the common people. Thus, after grinding for over three years in the corporate world to get the experience I needed, I set out to start my own accounting war-band in order to follow my true passion: helping people like you.

My war-band is comprised of myself, my epic boyfriend, Sir William, and amazing 10-year-old daughter, Pixie; both of whom have been the most supportive and encouraging people I've ever had in my life.  We have four furry companions accompanying our war-band as well: Dot the Great Dane, known for big barks and an even bigger heart; Bear and Asha the Mutts, full of energy and enthusiasm yet always down for a cuddle; and Daisy the Terrier, who always seems to be observing us with thinly-veiled disdain.

Together, we live in the state of Oklahoma, the land of tornadoes, bison, and excellent BBQ. During times of peace, we enjoy playing table-top and video games, watching movies, reading books, and going on adventures together.

Fun Facts

  • Future town founder who lives in a castle on the edge of town
  • Always beat the Google Maps estimated arrival time
  • Birthday cake is my favorite flavor of everything
  • Can't live without potatoes and pie
  • Makes up for introversion online
  • Owns over 110 board games (Sir William designs board games)
  • Rainbow sprinkles are life